Lightwing Compute Groups helps to optimize the compute of all your production resources using AWS Spot instances. Achieve stable and reliable high availability, while still fully benefiting from spot instance pricing.

AWS Autoscaling groups has a mixed instance policy which lets users configure a mix of instance types and purchasing options like Spot. While this is similar to Lightwing's ComputeGroups, there are many benefits in using ComputeGroups.

No guesswork

Mixed instance policy in ASG requires you to specify a base on-demand capacity. Identifying the correct base on-demand capacity is not easy as it looks. The only guarantee mixed instance policy provides is the availability of base on-demand capacity.

With Lightwing ComputeGroups, you will get full utilization of spot instances and ComputeGroup will fallback to on-demand instances when spot is unavailable.

Instance Auto-Recovery and Graceful Draining

While ASG maintains the given capacity requirements, it will not handle workflow required for spot instances.

Spot instance can be terminated with a 2 minute notice and ASG replaces these instances after they are terminated. Lightwing ComputeGroup handle spot interruption notices and starts the recovery process before the interrupted instances are terminated. This allows better capacity management for the auto scaling group. Newly created instance will be ready to take traffic while the interrupted instance finishes termination.

ComputeGroup also drains connections and gracefully exits from Loadbalancers, Container orchestrations engines like ECS, EKS etc. You can also run arbitrary code to gracefully de-register from any other cluster managers.

Fallback to On-Demand

When ASG is configured to launch spot instances and spot capacity is not available, ASG will not launch any instances which can cause capacity issues in the cluster. Lightwing ComputeGroup will handle this case and fallback on to on-demand instance. Lightwing will keep scanning the group for spot availability and revert to spot when the capacity is available.

Spot instance interruption prediction

ComputeGroup can predict spot instance interruption well in advance giving instances enough time to perform graceful draining.

In summary, using Lightwing ComputeGroup can enhance the features of Autoscaling Groups.  Setting up ComputeGroup is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Get started now!

Happy cloud computing!